Welcome to SAS Transport

SAS Transport will re-locate your machinery, plant, tractor, and other vehicles, with the utmost professionalism, care and speed and at a cost that our competitors struggle to beat. We understand the care and attention that vehicles in our charge deserve, and we take great pride in treating each one as though it were our own.

We also understand the special demands this level of service places on the vehicles, trailers and other equipment we use. Over many years of testing and real on-the-job use we have pieced together what we believe to be the best kit for the job. We only use industry leading towing vehicles, trailers and hitches that guarantee problem free moves time after time. Check out our vehicles and equipment here.

Our regular clients are industry leaders in their fields: JCB, GIST, MARKS AND SPENCER, LAFARGE, TARMAC and many more.

Go ahead, put SAS Transport to the test! We will deliver the road transport solution you are looking for.