SAS Transport's Vehicles

We attribute much of our success as a company to the investment we have made in the vehicles we use. Over many years we have come to trust the performance and power of vehicles engineered specifically for the long haul tows we specialise in.

We use exclusively the Dodge Ram 2500 and the Ford 350. Both are 4 wheel drive Turbo Diesels and have a proven track record as work horses in the industry.

The Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge Ram 2500

A Heavy Duty vehicle with a 6 Litre Turbo Diesel and 4 Wheel Drive.

The Ford 350

Ford 350

A 4 Wheel Drive Turbo Diesel - an American Classic in road haulage.

Why these vehicles?

Both Vehicles are specifically built with towing in mind. Built in America these vehicles have no problems with long haul tows. They have continually proven their superiority over similar Japanese vehicles demonstrating 'best in class' performance time after time. Put simply, we have come to trust these vehicles and believe they deliver the performance we need to handle your job succesfully.

We have different sized tow hitches which can be used for American specification trailers. We also have 5th wheel couplings for camper trailers. All our vehicles are equipped with SAT NAV and flashing beacons.